Effective use of high performance computational systems requires understanding the problem along with good software design. Our experience in problem analysis and software development will provide effective use of your systems. We offer short term immediate help with long term commitment to customers.
Questions from the real world of science, engineering, finances or large data analysis
Model and algorithms combine computer science and mathematics to bridge from questions to computations
Computations combine computer languages
and high performance software technologies on
today's high performance computing platforms

We analyze your system requirements and suggest or implement software solutions to fit the issue. If we can’t help, there is no charge.


  • Will sign non-disclosure agreements and maintain client confidentiality
  • Will understand the system and computational goals
  • Will provide analysis and written proposal on recommended solutions
  • Will use proven algorithmic and software technologies to reach the goals
  • Will maintain ongoing regular contact with customer regarding progress


  • Secure your trust with respect to security and confidentiality.
  • Analyze the system and provide options.
  • On-site work is available at the outset.
  • Use available technologies for communication: e.g. Skype, Google Chat, remote computing, e-mail, and phone.